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How much can you fit in a Ford Explorer?!…..another day, another pick!

So this is how it usually goes:

“Honey can I use you car to go pick up 2 chairs I bought?”

“Sure, no problem.”….(in his head: “it’s never just 2 chairs….”)

He of course is right…so Mom and I head to pick up our “2 chairs” we bought at an antique mall.  Even though we were just there a few days prior, we drove ALL the way there…(10 minutes)…we might as well look around again right?!  And with no baby with us, that means no car seat, so we have plenty of room for a couple other items.

Our ride!

A “couple” of items and 2 hours later we managed to fit the 2 chairs we came for, 2 more chairs, 3 end tables, 2 big chalkboards, several pieces of vintage white pottery, 3 mirrors, lots of yummy old silver pieces, some table linens, and of course a bust of Beethoven!

Still room for more!

2 shop chairs from an old Columbus electric company are awaiting a major makeover because you can even paint Vinyl with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint(TM)!!

Pretty antique waterfall end table already painted and ready to go!

The culprits!! The 2 chairs we were going to pick up!

Such a great afternoon of pickin’ at one of our favorite places! Now what to start on first?! I think it has to be the metal and vinyl shop chairs…pictures to follow!

Our whole “pick!” Not bad for 2 hours and one car load!


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